About the course certificate at Citaliarestauro


This article answers some questions about the content and how to obtain the course certificate of the online courses at Citaliarestauro.com

What does the course certificate contain?

The certificate contains the name of the course, the name of the student, the estimated duration (as shown on the corresponding website page), the date on which the questionnaire was completed.

It also identifies the Certified Training Entity, the logo and official certification number and the stamp of the training entity.

Course Certificate

When will my course certificate be issued?

The certificate is issued immediately after finishing the evaluation quiz with 50% of the answers correct.

You should check that you have pressed the “finish lesson” button on all lessons.

How do I access the course certificate?

From your customer area (“person” icon at the top right of the site):

icone area de cliente

Courses in English: https://en.citaliarestauro.com/

Courses in Portuguese: https://citaliarestauro.com/

Courses in Spanish: https://es.citaliarestauro.com/

Click on “view results” in front of the course name.

Course certificate view results

and then click on the button at the top right “view certificate”

Course certificate View certificate

You can download it as a Pdf

What identification data will appear on my course certificate?

The ones you fill in the Name and Last name fields in your account.

In your customer area, on the left-hand side, “account”, you can check these details and if, for example, you want your ID number to appear on the certificate, you can add this data in the ” last name” field.


If you write:

Name – Mary

Last name – Smith (ID 99999999)

On your certificate will be:

Mary Smith (ID 99999999)

If, for professional reasons, additional information is required, you should request it by e-mail, attaching supporting documents for the data requested.

A certificate will be issued by our services within 1 week and sent via e-mail.

We hope this information has been useful. You can always ask any questions you may have by e-mail using our contact details.