and general conditions of use (terms and conditions)

Online training Courses


The purpose of this document is to define the rules for the general functioning of the e-Learning training courses promoted by FPLI – Academia Luso Italiana, Lda., NIPC – 513512772, Training Entity Certificate – No. 1800/2015, Commercial name – Citaliarestauro.com, headquarters: Parque Industrial de Vendas Novas, Ed. Copenhaga 3 C 7080-341 Vendas Novas Portugal

CHAPTER 1. Policy and strategy/framework

  • Policy and strategy of the organisation

The training activities within the e-learning scheme are included in the mission, strategies and activity of Citaliarestauro.com, being object of specific policies and guidelines, planning and evaluation of results.

  • Objective and scope

This regulation is applicable to professional training activities with the e-learning scheme, developed by Citaliarestauro.com.

  • Legal framework

Training activities are governed by the applicable national legislation specifically concerning the certification. DGERT (Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security – Portugal). Link to web page: DGERT

1.4 The certifications

Citaliarestauro.com is a certified trainer by DGERT (Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity) complying with the requirements of this certification entity.

1.5. The disclosure of the document

This operating regulation is available for consultation on the site citaliarestauro.com


CHAPTER 2. Disclosure forms and enrolment

2.1 Disclosure

Training offer is available on the site and e-learning platform Citaliarestauro.com.

For each offer the entity discloses all the relevant and specific information (characterization of the course objectives, recipients, duration of access), prices and payment methods.

The main methods of dissemination used are:

  • Dissemination through the website and platform
  • Mailing lists
  • Social networks

2.2 Enrolment 

Enrolment may be done by completing a form made available on the site.

The information provided on the registration form is subject to the Personal data protection Act and the Privacy Policy of the company. (Regulamento (UE) 2016/679 do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho de 27 de abril de 2016.

CHAPTER 3. Conditions of Participation

3.1 Participation requirements

One may only participate in the courses after the respective payment and proof of it has been duly received. In regard to the free courses, one may begin after the requested information has been provided on the site.

3.2 Payment and access

Payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer, Hipay. Payments will be made in euros (€) and will be debited immediately.

Access to courses is available in the customer area immediately after payment confirmation.

Participants have full access to all content 24 hours a day during the time stipulated in the respective disclosure.

Issuance of tax document
Each payment will give rise to the issuance of a tax document (invoice / receipt) by a program certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority.

These documents are available from the customer area and send by e-mail.

3.3 Certificate

Participants who complete the course successfully receive a certificate.


CHAPTER 4. Complaints, suggestions and refound

4.1 Complaints management

Complaints relating to any aspect of the courses must be submitted in writing via email. All complaints will be reviewed by the Coordinating team, due steps will be taken to ascertain the issues pointed out and the claimant will receive a written reply within 10 working days.

The complaints received are under the Personal Data Protection Policy but may, however, be subject to processing for statistical purposes or made available to consultation at the request of certifying organizations (DGERT).

The suggestions of all participants are a fundamental element in the process of continuous improvement. So all possible suggestions concerning the courses are welcome to be transmitted via email or expressed through the satisfaction questionnaires.

In specific cases duly explained via e-mail (mistake in registration or other evidence) the amount paid may be refunded or a discount coupon issued in the corresponding amount, after approval by the management.

Cancellation of the purchase will be accepted, within 14 days, if the participant had not actually attended any part of the purchased course.

CHAPTER 5. Methods and evaluation criteria

5.1 Evaluation  

The following levels of evaluation are implemented:

  • Satisfaction/Reaction – the level of satisfaction of participants is monitored through satisfaction questionnaires.
  • Learning – learning assessment is conducted through questionnaires or other works carried out on the platform itself.
  • Post-training – refers to evaluation aiming to assess with the participants the results and benefits generated by the training; questionnaires via e-mail posterior to the end of the training.


CHAPTER 6. Description of roles and responsibilities

6.1 Head of training entity

Responsible for the management of the training entity, in all pedagogical, administration and finance areas.

Formal representative of the training entity, including in matters regarding the regulating authorities of the vocational training system.

6.2 Coordinator

The Coordinator is appointed by the head of the entity and maintains contact with the participant at the beginning of the training, answering and forwarding any doubts and questions.

6.3 The authors

The authors are selected based on their training, experience and presented proposals. In the courses with tutorial monitoring, the tutors promote the participation through the forums by answering queries.

For each course a contract regarding the concession of written contents is celebrated between the author and training entity.

7 . Regulatory legal entity

Direção de Serviços de Qualidade e Acreditação

Praça de Londres, 2 – 6º andar, 1049-056 Lisboa