Africa Day | 25 May | Posts, News and free download of History of Africa (UNESCO collection)

Africa Day is celebrated on 25 May since 1963.

We share some posts about the history of art in Africa. And do not forget the free download of the General History of Africa (UNESCO edition)

Cover image: Wikiimages by pixabay.

What is the Africa day

Africa Day is celebrated on 25 May since 1963. It is the annual commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now known as the African Union, on 25 May 1963. Events and debates are held in the african countries and all around the world, especially in the countries of the African diaspora.
is the annual flagship event of the Africa Group at UNESCO, a body that brings together the Member States of the African continent. 
Africa week includes a kaleidoscope of cultural, scientific, artistic and epicurean events in honor of Africa Day. 
This edition will be held under the theme “Peace, innovation and sustainable development in Africa” through exhibitions, film screenings, conferences, innovation hubs, afterworks, gala and much more…  

Learn about History of Africa and African Art in the online course.

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