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Oriental Garden – Chinese garden and Japanese garden

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Learn about the Oriental Garden

The Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden are focused on contemplation, stillness and silence.

In this online course you will learn about the Oriental Garden – the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden, their origins and evolution and their main elements and symbolism

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Oriental garden is built according to the existing topography, vegetation and climate, without being bound by rigid, symmetrical forms.

Their main foundation is the worship of nature and they were created with a vision of a garden focused on contemplation, stillness and silence.

The Orient differs from the West in terms of culture, philosophies, beliefs and, consequently, ways of living. These differences are reflected in the study, planning and construction of gardens.

Online course with international certificate Oriental Garden – Chinese and Japanese Garden

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Course structure – Oriental Garden

1 – Introduction to the Oriental Garden

Oriental philosophy and its influence on garden design

2 – The Oriental Garden – Chinese Garden

The origin and evolution of the Chinese garden

The origin of the Chinese garden Oriental garden - Chinese garden

The composition of the Chinese garden

The elements of the Chinese garden

Plant Species in the Chinese Garden

3 – The Oriental Garden – Japanese Garden

Origin and evolution of Japanese garden

The Primitive Garden Oriental garden - japanese garden

Shinden Garden

Pure Land Garden

Zen Garden

Tea Garden

Walking Gardens | Landscape Gardens

Tsuboniwa Gardens

Main elements in a Japanese Garden

Plants in a Japanese Garden

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