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Painting with natural pigments

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In the Painting with Natural Pigments online course learn how to paint with natural pigments and…
Have fun!


Language – English

Also available in – Español

Includes 24-hour access for an unlimited time to:

  • Lessons for each theme of the program
  • Evaluation (1 final questionnaire)
  • Certificate.

In this course, students will learn:

  • what are natural pigments
  • origin of natural pigments
  • what types of pigments we can find
  • how to prepare the pigments and paints
  • different techniques used for painting with natural pigments

Who takes this Course? 

The course Painting with Natural Pigments is for all those who have interest on art and traditional art techniques.

Is particularly suitable to:

  • students and teachers of arts;
  • historians and art historians;
  • artists and artisans.

No access requirements


Certificado de Formação. Entidade CertificadaAt the end of the course, a training certificate will be issued . Know more.

We are a training entity certified by DGERT – Training Entity Certificate No. 1800/2015 – so the certificate has international validity.




The course price (a single payment) includes all content, assessment and certificate. The value is exempt from VAT under paragraph 10 of Article 9 of the CIVA.


The course is organized in parts or modules in order to facilitate the learning sequence. However, you can freely browse the entire course without any restrictions 24 hours a day, according to your interests and your own work method.

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Course structure

1 – What are natural pigments

Lesson 1 – What are natural pigments

Lesson 2 – Varieties of natural pigments

2 – Painting with natural pigments

Lesson 3 – How to prepare the pigments

Lesson 4 – Painting with egg tempera

Lesson 5 – Painting with rabbit skin glue

Lesson 6 – Painting with gum arabic

Lesson 6 – Painting with linseed oil



Fátima Muralha

Fátima Muralha

Graduated in History – Art History from the Universidade Nova of Lisbon. Post-Graduate in Management and Promotion of Heritage by the UAL. Specialised in Management of Cultural Projects. Various training courses and a specialisation course regarding Promoting Heritage, Conservation & Restoration, Museum studies and Vocational Training. Coordinator in multiple projects linked to Historical and Artistic Heritage, educational and vocational training projects in various entities. Author of several publications and communications. Creator and coordinator of the development of virtual content of the project: History | Art | Culture.


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