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Teaching art history – for kids… and adults who like to have fun

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Teaching art history – for kids… and adults who like to have fun

In this online course you will learn how to teach art history to children through simple and appealing explanations.

You will find 28 suggestions for activities that you can develop at school, at the museum, at the educational center and, of course, in the family!

Teaching Art history for kids can be fun!

Explore the great moments and artists that mark the history of art from Prehistory to Modern Art.

Using the creativity and imagination of the little artists.

The proposed teaching art history activities for kids can be adapted to various age groups and lead children to “learn by doing”.

And the course – Teaching Art History for kids – contains a children’s certificate template that you can assign for each activity.

You can see the template:

children’s certificate template

Language: English.

Also available in Português  | Español.

And how we will live this adventure teaching art history for kids.

In 10 modules that address remarkable moments / artists / concepts of art history.

Each one contains:

  • lessons with simple, fun explanation and lots of images.
  • suggested activities and downloadable Pdf support materials.
  • a tab dedicated to educators to deepen the themes.

There are no time or access limitations.

The course price includes 24-hours/7 unlimited lifetime access to the mentioned resources and certificate.

Who should take this online course – Teaching Art History for kids

  • teachers
  • informal educators
  • educational services
  • and for the whole family

It has no access requirements.



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Course structure

Teaching Art History for kids

PART  1 – How it all began!

Rock Art.Teaching art history for kids rock art

The Mural Painting.

PART 2 – The Egyptians.

Painting with strict rules.

The Archaeology.Teaching art history Ancient Egypt

PART 3 – How artists love Greek myths.

The Art in Ancient Greece.

What about the Greek Myths?

PART 04 – Art and catechesis in the Middle Ages

Art as catechesis – the churches and cathedrals.

The illuminated manuscripts.

PART 5 – The Great Masters of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci.Teaching art history for kids Leonardo da Vinci

Raphael Sanzio.


PART 6 – What are Still Lifes?

Let’s learn from the Baroque artists.

PART 7 – The joy of daily life with Flemish masters

Flemish painting and the scenes of everyday life.

What is Gender Painting.

PART 8 – The portraits (Long before selfies )

What is a portrait? And a self-portrait?

Famous portraits in art history.

PART 9 – Nature and landscapes

What is landscape painting?

PART 10 – And it all changed… with Modern Art

Claude Monet. Teaching art history for kids - Monet

Vincent van Gogh.

Henri Rousseau.

Pablo Picasso.

Salvador Dalí. Teaching art history - henry rousseau

Piet Mondrian.

Gustav Klimt.

Frida Kahlo.

Jacob Lawrence. Teaching art history Green Coca- cola bottles, 1962

Andy Warhol.


Fátima Muralha

Fátima Muralha

Graduated in History – Art History from the Universidade Nova of Lisbon. Post-Graduate in Management and Promotion of Heritage by the UAL. Specialised in Management of Cultural Projects. Various training courses and a specialisation course regarding Promoting Heritage, Conservation & Restoration, Museum studies and Vocational Training. Coordinator in multiple projects linked to Historical and Artistic Heritage, educational and vocational training projects in various entities. Author of several publications and communications. Creator and coordinator of the development of virtual content of the project: History | Art | Culture.

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