Let’s save our intangible cultural heritage


This article aims to present the inventory tools of preservation of intangible cultural heritage made available by the Portuguese organization of Cultural Heritage (DGPC).

We believe that all initiatives and tools aimed to the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage are of great importance. W

hether they are initiative of or of national institutions or local, NGO or private centers.

We would also like to call for the exchange of initiatives or tools for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage .

You can, in the post comments, share projects, initiatives or tools that have the same purpose.

Thank you!

Intangible cultural heritage - Festival in Portugal

Cover image - Young Men´s Festival, Lazarim, Trás-os-Montes, Portugal. 

The Young Men´s Festival takes place in several villages in the north of Portugal between December 24 and January 6.

Starred by the single boys from the village and associated with the cult of St. Stephen. It integrates several events. 

Highlight for the loas, in which the boys refer events of the year in the village, usually with character of social criticism. Learn more.

The inventory of intangible cultural heritage is one of the most important steps to safeguard it.

In this sense the DGPC has been developing an intangible cultural heritage inventory project integrating digital tools.

The immaterial heritage collection kit “can be used either in the school context, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of schooling, or in educational and training activities promoted by other entities, namely the Museums, through their Educational Services. ”

Get to know the project

About the Kit

“The intangible cultural heritage Kit was conceived as an instrument to promote the valorization of the ICH by young people, as well as to promote their initiative and / or participation in actions to safeguard the heritage of their community.

You can find Sheets for registration of manifestations of ICH (Traditional Knowledge and Crafts, Festive Traditions, Oral Traditions ).

The Kit also includes tools for registration of material assets.

The aim is to sensitize young people to the integrated approach of Intangible Heritage and Material Heritage as advocated by UNESCO and as underlined by national legislation for the  sector.

The Kit is also intended to be used as an instrument for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, in particular in a school or museological context.

The Kit sensitizes young people to the fact that, as expressed in national legislation, intangible heritage is considered not only the long-established traditions of Portuguese popular culture.

But also the traditions of communities of non-Portuguese origin based in Portugal, which constitute an important factor of their identity.

The Kit was conceived mainly for application at the local level, promoting the interaction of young people with the elements of the community (village, parish, neighborhood, etc.), and promoting in-depth knowledge and appreciation of their Intangible Heritage.


Get to know one of the most important tools for collecting intangible heritage – the oral history interview. View more.

Oral History – online Course Program

1 – What is Oral History?  

a. The process of recording memoriesoral sources and oral history

b. Is everything we collect Oral History?

2 – The Project

a. Choosing a project

b. Research and mapping the field of action

  • Who to interview and how to approach the public
  • Where to go
  • Organising information and support documentation

3 – The Interview

a. The How

b. Which equipment to use

c. How to process the information

4 – The Process of Archiving and making the records available

a. Archiving data: key considerations

b. Sharing stories

What students say about this online course

Oral History by fatima.muralha


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