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Heritage Interpretation – techniques and resources

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Learn the techniques for Heritage Interpretation

Heritage is an important resource from an economic, social and educational point of view.

But it has to be interpreted and communicated.

In this online course you will learn the techniques and resources for Heritage Interpretation and how to apply them.

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Language: English.

Also available in: Português


At the end of this course, participants will be familiar with the concepts of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Cultural Tourism and Heritage Interpretation

You will learn about the latest concepts and approaches to heritage and tourism. Intangible heritage, proximity tourism, green tourism…

You will learn about the origins and concepts of heritage interpretation, the ethical principles that guide the activity of heritage interpreters and the main world organizations.

You will learn the techniques and resources for interpreting heritage and how to apply them.

Cultural Heritage Interpretation course online

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Who should take the Heritage Interpretation online course

This course is aimed at those wishing to begin or deepen their knowledge on heritage interpretation methods and cultural tourism.

It is particularly useful for tour guides, cultural mediators, teachers and students of art history or professionals in cultural communication and cultural tourism.

However, it is perfectly suitable for anyone interested in the topics covered.

There are no access requirements.


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How you will learn

The online course certificate  is organized in parts or modules in order to facilitate the learning sequence.

However, you can freely browse the entire course without any restrictions 24 hours a day, according to your interests and your own work method.

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Course structure – Cultural Heritage Interpretation

1 – Concepts – Heritage Interpretation

1.1. Cultural Heritage

  • Concepts
  • Importance and protection Heritage Interpretation - Traditional costumes from Minho, Portugal

1.2. Tourism

  • Concepts
  • Tourism activity
  • Green tourism

1.3 Cultural tourism

  • Concepts and principles
  • Motivations Heritage Interpretation - a medieval festival
  • Proximity tourism

1.4. Relationship between tourism and cultural heritage

1.5. Heritage Education

2 – Heritage Interpretation

2.1. Origins of the concept

2.2. Objectives and strategies Heritage interpretation of the Saint James symbol

2.3. Principles of heritage interpretation

3 – Techniques and resources for heritage interpretation

3.1. Heritage interpretation techniques

3 .1.1. Personal or assisted interpretation
  • events
  • guided tours
3.1.2 Non-personal or non-assisted interpretation
  • exhibitions
  • printed media and APPs Heritage Interpretation of a monument with an App
  • signage
  • multimedia
  • digital interpretation

3.2 Cultural Mediation

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