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Guide to Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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Guide to the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – interactive e-book

Protecting heritage is essential not only to preserve it for future generations, but also to enrich lives and promote intercultural understanding and dialog.

Because if we humans don’t do it, who will?

This is the aim of the Guide to the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – to offer guidelines and reflections so that everyone can contribute to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

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Language – English

Also available in Português

Understanding how to preserve cultural and natural heritage goes far beyond academic knowledge.

It means understanding, above all, that it underpins the construction of contemporary society. It has an extraordinary impact on the question of who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

Cultural heritage plays a key role in preserving a society’s identity, memory and history. It has never been more important to protect the power of culture in transforming societies.

It encompasses a wide range of tangible and intangible assets, including monuments, artifacts, traditions, cultural practices, artistic expressions, or even language. Heritage is the living testimony of human achievements over centuries of history, reflecting the beliefs, values and achievements of past, present and future communities.

Why is this Guide important?

This e-book – Guide to the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – is an important element of study and/or synthesis of knowledge for all those working in the field of Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • museologists and heritage curators
  • tour guides and cultural mediators
  • heritage conservators
  • students and teachers
  • curators of cultural heritage
  • anyone interested in the subject

How to preserve cultural heritage

Table of contents

Cultural Heritage

It is imperative that people recognize cultural heritage as something worthy of being valued and protected.

You will learn about the concepts and definitions of Heritage in a systematized way

The importance of the preservation of cultural heritage

The importance of preserving cultural heritage also lies in valuing human action. Human beings are cultural beings and if they don’t value their own creation, no one else will either!

Heritage and sustainable development vs. sustainability of heritage

Sustainable development aims to respond to the needs of the present without compromising future generations, based on conscious choices in the economic, social and environmental spheres.

Today’s challenges in the preservation of cultural heritage

The preservation of cultural heritage faces persistent challenges. It is important to face these challenges consciously and effectively.

Conservation of cultural heritage

The primary objective of cultural heritage conservation is to protect the tangible and intangible values of heritage assets. This process is vital due to the heritage’s exposure to time, human intervention and the influence of nature

Management of cultural heritage

Developing a strategic plan for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage is essential to ensure its protection and long-term sustainability, in order to promote its value for future generations.

Cultural heritage interpretation and information

Interpretation and information play key roles in cultural and natural heritage management, promoting understanding, appreciation and sustainability of this legacy.

Reuse or Repurpose?

What is the best option? Allow monuments to deteriorate over time or give them a second function?

Inventory and documentation

This process is fundamental to identifying, cataloguing and registering the cultural assets of a given region, involving the collection of detailed information on tangible and intangible assets.

Preservation of cultural heritage in a digital context

In an increasingly globalized and technological world, it is crucial to recognize that cultural heritage, being dynamic, is evolving thanks to digital technologies.

Heritage education and awareness

The preservation of cultural and natural heritage goes beyond the physical conservation of monuments and heritage assets. It is also based on educating and raising awareness among communities about the importance of protecting and valuing their cultural heritage

Promotion of sustainable cultural tourism

Enhancing heritage through tourism requires careful attention to cultural elements

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Vanessa Miranda - author at citaliarestauro

Vanessa Miranda

Telling and writing stories, that’s how I remember myself being all my life. I have a degree in Tourism Management and a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage. This passion led me to create a small company of carefully planned tourist activities centered on the history of Lisbon and the often forgotten and underestimated history of women.

As well as walking tours of the city, I work as a content consultant in the development and production of tourist itinerary content for the Walkbox app. I write opinion articles for a newspaper in Madeira and another in Barcelos. Driven by values, I volunteer for an association where I take on the role of content creator and manager.

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