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Fauvism – Art for Art’s sake | E-book

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Fauvism e-book

Fauvism – Art for Art’s sake | E-book

Fauvism The Joy of Life, Henri Matisse, 1906

The Joy of Life, Henri Matisse, 1906


The painters Henri Matisse and Albert Marquet in Paris and André Derain and Maurice Vlaminck in Chatou worked on various chromatic researches that gave rise to Fauvism .

This was the first collective aesthetic movement of the 1900s.

This e-book seeks to succinctly present the main works and artists of Fauvism and thus lead the reader to identify the characteristics of this movement.

These artists’ idea of Art was simple: the value of Art derives exclusively from its plastic elements and its decorative and aesthetic function.

In other words, Fauvism advocated Art for Art’s sake.

My dream is an art full of balance, of purity, of serenity, without disturbing aspects that require attention, an art that is a soothing for all who work with the spirit, as for the artist, a spiritual tranquilizer that appeases his soul, that means for him a rest from the fatigues of the day and his work.

(Matisse, Notes of a Painter, 1908)


Avant-Garde | the context
Fauve Movement or Fauvism
How did it all begin?
Analysis: Woman with a Hat | Henri Matisse
Artist Profiles and works

Henri Matisse
André Derain
Albert Marquet
Maurice de Vlaminck


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