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Guide of Paris – architectural heritage

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Guide of paris
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Guide of Paris – interactive e-book

Come visit Paris and discover its fascinating architectural heritage with the interactive e-book Guide of Paris – Architectural Heritage.

Guide of Paris - interactive e-book

50 pages of text and images
13 links to articles, documents, websites and videos.

A city of great charm and enchantment, Paris was the inventor of tourism, and has long been the most visited city in the world.

Full of palaces, museums, churches and squares, Paris was richly decorated and attentive to every detail.

The visit to its monuments can be long, but undoubtedly breathtaking, to the point of taking our breath away with so much talent and good taste of its artists and commissioners.

Certainly because the offer is so varied, there are still small treasures to discover, little known and that leave us speechless when we accidentally take a chance and enter a building that is not mentioned in tourist guides or tourist offices.

It is this fascination that you will discover when visiting Paris with this interactive e-book – Guide to Paris : architectural heritage – through text and images.

And, of course, with this Guide of Paris visit Paris online with several links to videos, articles, bibliography and documents for consultation or download.


The City



Musée du Louvre

Place Vendôme and Galeries Lafayette

Ópera Garnier


Notre-Dame Cathedral

Centre Pompidou



Eifffel Tower

Les Invalides

Musée d’Orsay

Pont Alexandre III


Grand Palais and Petit Palais

Place de la Concorde

La  Madeleine

Champs Elysées

17th and 18th ARRONDISSEMENT

Arch of Triumph



Grand Arche La Défense

Saint-Denis Cathedral


Palace of Versailles

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Diana Ferreira autora cursos online

Diana Ferreira

Licenciada en Historia del Arte por la Facultad de Letras de la Universidad de Porto y Maestra en Museología en España (Valladolid). Trabajó en la Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna de Roma y en la dirección de la Galleria de los Uffizi, en Florencia. Con becas de investigación para proyectos en Italia e España, fue formadora y profesora responsable de la  disciplina de Historia del Arte en Oporto e de Introducción al Historia del Arte, Iconografía e Historia de la Arquitectura en la Academia de Artes de Florencia.
En 2014 publicó el libro Guía de los Tesoros Arquitectónicos. Lisboa, Chiado Editora, 2014, fruto de una investigación en profundidad sobre los temas mencionados.

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On sale from 15/08/2022.
Sale ends on 31/08/2022.

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