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A voucher for a course about the history of art in Africa – from rock art to modern era.

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History of art in Africa

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About the course History of art in Africa

In this online course, learn about the history of art in Africa from rock art to modern era.

“Since humankind appears to have originated in Africa, it may well be that art, too, originated here.”

Frank Willett (1997) African Art

The history of art in Africa takes us back to the origins of humanity, the cradle of civilization, the first signs of human cognition, of interacting with the material world and creating visual symbols that represent and interpret them.

Languages:  English

Also available in: Português

The course fee includes 24-hour access for an unlimited time to:

  • Lessons for each topic covered
  • Downloadable ebooks
  • Explanatory videos and presentations
  • Links to articles, videos and websites
  • Evaluation (1 questionnaire for each module)
  • Certificate.

Learning objectives – African art online course

During the course, you will learn about the history of art in Africa starting with rock art and those that are considered the first artistic manifestations of humanity until modern era and the influence of African art in European avant-garde artistic movements.

  • To know the manifestations of rock art and its importance for the history of humanity.
  • To know the great African civilizations, their artistic manifestations and their processes of cultural interaction.
  • To know the great changes generated by Christianity and Islam in Africa and their artistic manifestations.
  • Understand the impact of European empires in the modern era in Africa and the influence of African art on European artistic movements.

Who should take this course about history of art in Africa

The course is adapted to various audiences, covering professionals in the fields of History, Art History, Fine Arts, Heritage who seek to explore the theme

All those who wish to learn more about the history of art in Africa

It has no access requirements.


Certificado de Formação. Entidade CertificadaAt the end of the course, a training certificate will be issued. Know more.

We are a training entity certified by DGERT – Training Entity Certificate No. 1800/2015 – so the certificate has international validity.



The course price (a single payment) includes all content, assessment and certificate. The value is exempt from VAT under paragraph 10 of Article 9 of the CIVA.



The course is organized in parts or modules in order to facilitate the learning sequence. However, you can freely browse the entire course without any restrictions 24 hours a day, according to your interests and your own work method.

You can consult here the Rules of Operation of Online Courses

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Manuela Tenreiro

PhD in History of Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, I specialized in Arts and Cultures of the African Diaspora in 2008. Previously, I obtained a bachelor degree in visual arts and photography from San Francisco State University, while working as a docent at Diego Rivera’s Pan-American Unity mural (City College). Creator, editor and translator of the online publication while residing in Brazil between 2008 and 2017, I collaborated in various editorial and art education projects, as a writer, translator and researcher. In Rio de Janeiro, I attended Literary Translation courses and the Advanced Program of Contemporary Culture at the city’s Federal University. In 2017, I returned to my hometown, Lisbon, where I manage a private art studio with women artists and develop projects writing and translating art history projects.


Overall course evaluation 4,7

(scale 1 to 5)

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