Stereoscopic Photography – an “innovative” technique : how the evenings were animated in 19th century


What is the stereoscopic photography?

Get to know what is the stereoscopic photography .

A popular way of spending a family evening in the 19th century.

Contains an explanatory video.

By Yolanda Silva, author of the online course Preventive Conservation of Photography.

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conservation of photographyWe captured the moment, ready to send or share on social networks.

And the photos we have in boxes, envelopes and albums? Memories, stories and art …

Today we will go back  a little more in time, until the 19th century and the beginning of the photographic processes.

And one of the most popular – the stereoscopic photography .

When we think of photography today, we value the image, the message …

But in the early days of photography, the process itself, the “magic” of the new techniques, was the most important.

We are at the end of 19th century. The technical inventions succeed each other, the slogan is Progress.

Since the first photograph by Joseph Niépce in 1827, technical photography processes have evolved rapidly.

The different and increasingly developed techniques of capturing reality were in themselves ways of entertainment and social gathering.

First Photography

View from the Window at Le Gras Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Stereoscopic photography

In the 19th century, stereoscopic photography became very popular as entertainment in the family evenings.

The porpose of stereoscopic photography is to create the illusion of the third dimension.

A double lens was added to the camera, which would produce two very similar images.

how stereoscopic photography was created

In order to create a three-dimensional image, stereoscopic photography consists of two images of the same scene or object, taken simultaneously from a camera with two lenses placed side by side.

The result is similar, but the images are different because they are from different points of view.


Using devices such as a stereoscope, for example, the two images give the illusion of having relief.


Get to know the stereoscopic photography in the following video:

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