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Treasures of architecture – from Ancient Egypt to Byzantium

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An unforgettable journey around the monuments of antiquity – Pyramid of Giza, Temple of Amon, Parthenon, Colosseum and Hagia Sophia.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course about the great monuments of antiquity , participants will be able to recognise architectural styles, as well as the history, culture and art of the best architectural and touristic examples in the world, within each style analysed.

Following a chronological order, the course will begin with the historical, artistic and cultural explanation of the base style of construction, followed by the analysis of the monument, its history and architect. This way the participant will be provided with the necessary contents to understand the building as well as its architectural surroundings.

Who takes this Course?

This course is intended for those who wish to begin to build a basis of knowledge concerning architecture and tourism or deepen their interests (professionals who are engaged in activities related to History and Art History, Museography, Conservation and Restoration, Tourism professionals.

The course is for all interested in the great monuments od antiquity .

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Course structure


Diana Ferreira autora cursos online

Diana Ferreira

Graduate in Art History from the Faculdade de Letras of the University of Porto and Master in Museology (Spain: Valladolid).

Worked in the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna di Roma and was part of the managing staff of the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence.

Studied and worked in Italy and Spain several times on scholarships. Trainer and head teacher for the subject on Art History in Porto, and Introduction to History of Art, Iconography and History of Architecture at the Academy of Art in Florence.

The book Guia dos Tesouros Arquitectónicos (Lisbon: Chiado Editores, 2014) was published in 2014, product of an in-depth investigation on the addressed topics.


Overall course evaluation – 4,4

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The evaluations related to the usability of the platform show lower results than the other items, although still above 4 (4.2). Some less positive comments were also made on this aspect. The platform has been modernized in order to provide greater ease and comfort in learning.

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