african art history online course – a fascinating journey that begins 75,000 years ago from rock art to modern era


In the online course about african art history get to know the african art. From the rock art to modern era.

The african art history takes us back to the origins of humanity, the cradle of civilization, the first signs of human cognition, of interacting with the material world and creating visual symbols that represent and interpret them.

Manuela Tenreiro

PhD in History of Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, I specialized in Arts and Cultures of the African Diaspora in 2008. Previously, I obtained a bachelor degree in visual arts and photography from San Francisco State University, while working as a docent at Diego Rivera’s Pan-American Unity mural (City College). Creator, editor and translator of the online publication while residing in Brazil between 2008 and 2017, I collaborated in various editorial and art education projects, as a writer, translator and researcher. In Rio de Janeiro, I attended Literary Translation courses and the Advanced Program of Contemporary Culture at the city’s Federal University. In 2017, I returned to my hometown, Lisbon, where I manage a private art studio with women artists and develop projects writing and translating art history projects.

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In the African Art History course you will learn

Rock Art

African art history San art in South AfricaHundreds of thousands of years ago in the African continent, our remote ancestors used rocks and stones to paint (pictographs) and engrave (petroglyphs) a record of their history, daily life, the surrounding world and their spirituality.




1. Blombos Cave: Humanity’s first art studio

2. San art in South Africa

3. The Pygmy Schematic Art Zone and the Sandawe ‘Island’

4. Nigerian Rock Gongs

5. When the Sahara was Green 

First Civilizations

African art history Kingdom KushThe oldest remains of human settlements in the margins of the Nile date from 40,000 years at Wadi Halfa in present day Nubian Desert, at the Sudan-Egypt border.




1. The First Urban Centers of the Nile

2. The Formation of Egypt

3. Kingdom of Kush

4. Iron made Cultures of the Niger

5. The Expansion of Bantu people

Islam and Christianity

Axum and the christian The social transformations that these two religions brought to Africa were tremendous and shook the previously established social order to its core. All over Africa, new artistic practices, themes and techniques appeared.




1.  Axum and Christian Ethiopia

2. Eastern Christianity in Núbia

3. The Expansion of Islam in North Africa 

4. Islam in the Swahili Coast

5. Catholic Kongo and the Portuguese

Africa in the Modern Era

arte africana no cubismo mascara gleThe arrival of the Portuguese to Africa marked the beginning of a new era in the continent’s history, with disastrous consequences to Africa albeit enrichment to Europe: the era of the Atlantic slave trade. We will approach African art from the time the Europeans arrived, during the slave trade period and up to the scramble and administrative colonization of the African continent by Europeans.



1. West African Empires

2. Bantu Kingdoms and Cultures

3. Islamic Sultanates and the Kingdom of Ethiopia

4. From the Cabinet of Curiosities to the Natural History Museum

5. The Influence of African Art in Modern Art

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