african art history | online course

In the online course about african art history get to know the african art. From the rock art to modern era.

The african art history takes us back to the origins of humanity, the cradle of civilization, the first signs of human cognition, of interacting with the material world and creating visual symbols that represent and interpret them.


AuthorManuela Tenreiro

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Online course african art history program

Rock Art

1. Blombos Cave: Humanity’s first art studio

2. San art in South Africa

3. The Pygmy Schematic Art Zone and the Sandawe ‘Island’

4. Nigerian Rock Gongs

5. When the Sahara was Green 


First Civilizations

1. The First Urban Centers of the Nile

2. The Formation of Egypt

3. Kingdom of Kush

4. Iron made Cultures of the Niger

5. The Expansion of Bantu people


Islam and Christianity

1.  Axum and Christian Ethiopia

2. Eastern Christianity in Núbia

3. The Expansion of Islam in North Africa 

4. Islam in the Swahili Coast

5. Catholic Kongo and the Portuguese


Africa in the Modern Era

1. West African Empires

2. Bantu Kingdoms and Cultures

3. Islamic Sultanates and the Kingdom of Ethiopia

4. From the Cabinet of Curiosities to the Natural History Museum 

5. The Influence of African Art in Modern Art

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