History and historical research

História e investigação histórica

Certified training institution DGERT nº 1800/2015.

In the History online courses with certificate, learn about various themes and historical periods.

Learn about research and analysis methods.

The history online courses are suitable for audiences of all kinds, especially professionals in the fields of History and Heritage, History online courses who want to learn more about the subjects or are looking for materials to support their study.

They are also very useful for teachers and students at various levels of education, or for the curious who want to discover and even develop personal projects in these areas.

The history online courses are important tools for teachers and students who want to delve deeper into the various themes.

Particular emphasis is placed on methodologies for analysis and the development of research work.

History online courses - what you will learn

Oral History – the interview and the project

The certified oral history online course presents the essential guidelines for carrying out an oral history project and conducting historical interviews.

You will learn:

  • Distinguish and recognize Oral History as a methodology in History.
  • Recognize its importance in preserving Intangible Heritage.
  • The main elements needed to develop a project.
  • Methods and techniques for interviewing and processing information.
  • Knowing and being able to apply good practices in the process of developing an Oral History project.

Ancient Egypt – culture, beliefs and art

Discover the fascination of Ancient Egypt and the most striking aspects of its culture, beliefs, art and daily life.

By the end of this course, participants will have learned about the most striking aspects of culture, beliefs and art in Ancient Egypt, with an in-depth analysis of three major monuments representing Egyptian civilization.

In addition to the great monuments and the religious aspects that marked this civilization, aspects of daily life such as fashion, food and hobbies will be covered.

Also available in the 2 history online courses bundle : Egypt and Rome – Culture and Life

Ancient Rome – Culture Beliefs and Life

In the history online courses “Culture, beliefs and life in Ancient Rome ” you will learn  how the romans actually lived.

Discover how the Romans lived!

What did they believe?

What did they eat? history online courses Ancient Rome

How did they have fun?

How was life in Ancient Rome ?

How did they dress and comb their hair?

How did Roman society work?

What great personalities marked Ancient Rome?

How was life in Ancient Rome from birth to adult age?

Also available in the 2 history online courses bundle : Egypt and Rome – Culture and Life

The medieval city – walled cities in the Middle Ages

In this course get to know the medieval city and one of his most important elements: the medieval wall and its functions.

We will analyse some Medieval Cities across Europe: History online courses Medieval cities

  • Carcassonne
  • Ávila
  • Montagnana
  • Nördlingen
  • Óbidos
  • York
  • Dubrovnik
  • Tallinn

History of Women (gender)

How are women regarded throughout history? History of Women - online course

The aim of the History of Women / Gender online course is to analyze the figure of women throughout world history, from prehistory to the modern age.

This way, it is possible to analyze the situation of women, the concept and evolution in the different historical phases.