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In the iconography classes online | Iconography of the Saints, the participants will be able to apply methods of iconographic analysis in art analysis.

And recognise symbols and attributes of the Saints, through practical exercises and other resources for future use.

In the context of Art History and Museology, the careful description and interpretation of artistic objects allows us to see something more than what is immediately presented. For instance, an image of a young man with a lily in hand approaching a praying girl ceases to be just that, and becomes a representation of the Annunciation, where the Archangel Gabriel presents himself to Mary, stating that she is pregnant with the Saviour. 

iconography classes online annunciation

Learning Objectives iconography classes online

• Recognise and distinguish the concepts of iconography and iconology.

• Identify and recognise characters and scenarios, using the iconographic analysis method.

• Identify literary and graphic sources important to the iconographic reading.

• Before a practical case, apply the iconographic method in all its levels of reading

• Recognise and contextualise characters and episodes of Christian hagiography.

In the iconography classes online learn how to apply methods of iconographic analysis. And how to identify and recognize characters and episodes of Christian hagiography in works of art.

Iconography – online course

Access 24/7 for unlimited time

In the end of the iconography classes online will be issued training certificate indicating the program, duration and evaluation.

We are certified training entity so the certificate has international validity.



Certificado de Formação. Entidade CertificadaAt the end of the course, a training certificate will be issued . Know more.

We are a training entity certified by DGERT – Training Entity Certificate No. 1800/2015 – so the certificate has international validity.





Iconography classes online – the online course fee includes 24-hour access for an unlimited time to:

  • Lessons.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • Support texts and downloadable Ebooks:
    3 Support manuals
  • Ebook Symbols of Proto Christianity
  • Representations of Saints Ebook
  • Glossaries:
    glossary of clergy robes
    glossary of saints’ attributes
  • Links todatabases, consultation and development of themes.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Bibliography and webgraphy.
  • Evaluation (1 final questionnaire)
  • Certificate

Who takes iconography classes online

This course is intended for professionals who are engaged in activities related to History and Art History, Museography, Conservation and Restoration, Tourism professionals and all interested in the subject.

Course Program | iconography classes online | Iconography of the Saints 

PART 1 – First Notions

1. First notions: Icon, Iconography and Iconology

2. The evolution and definition of the Iconography as an area of study

3. The Panofsky method

PART 2 – Christian Iconography

1 – Art and Christianity – the image as a vehicle for a message

2 – Graphic and written sources

3 – The first symbols of Christianity

PART 3 – Iconography of the Saints

1. Saints and martyrs: General aspects

2. Clerical vestments

3. Most veneered Saints: symbols and attributes

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