Do you want to visit the Acropolis Museum? Although closed, it has never been closer!


The Acropolis Museum – Athens, Greece – is now entirely digital. It is not just about creating virtual visits to the Museum. But a complete project that, through various applications, integrates detailed information about the works of the permanent exhibition, galleries and virtual exhibitions, videos and interactive experiences.

Children have their own space at the Acropolis Digital Museum with the  Acropolis Museum Kids,

which includes videos and games.

The Digital Museum is available in Greek and English, with some activities in Spanish, Italian, German and French.

Let’s explore a little bit of this new Acropolis Digital Museum and, why not, start planning the next family trip in the “post Covid 19 world “.

Acropolis Museum  Digital – the project

The Acropolis Museum enters dynamically into the world of digital technology and opens new channels of communication with the public. The large number of applications that were developed under the programme “Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum” showcases the multiple aspects of its exhibits, offers unique experiences in its galleries and creates a new, exciting world for kids and grownups alike.

At the same time its new website captures in a contemporary way the Museum’s function and activities, provides multidimensional orientation and entertainment, renders all its collections open and accessible to the international community and forms an attractive environment, designed specifically for children.

The 1.3 million euro project, funded via the Regional Operation Programme “Attica 2014–2020”, includes the development of a comprehensive website which is available in both Greek and English, with additional content in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. It has also been specially designed to be accessible to color-blind and visually-impaired visitors.

The new website provides detailed information on 2,156 artifacts in the museum’s permanent collection, recovered from archaeological excavations on the Acropolis and its slopes.

The digital collection is complete with extensive descriptions (some of which remain to be completed), high-resolution photographs, drawings, and, in some cases, videos. The digital collection will also be further expanded with the inclusion of artifacts currently kept in the museum’s storerooms.

23 richly detailed multimedia applications offer a range of interactive experiences.

(Museum website )

Acropolis Museum Digital – virtual tour

If you want to make a complete virtual visit to the permanent collection of the museum you can do it with Google Arts & Culture, clicking on the following image or from the Website .

Virtual tour Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum Digital – the Erechtheion

Why does the Erechtheion differ from any other ancient temple? Why did the Athenians consider it to be the most sacred building on the Acropolis?

This film presents all those features that make the Erechtheion unique, beginning with the age-old cults of gods and heroes that it housed and reaching down to its inventive architecture and outstanding sculptural decoration.

It is a short story of the temple that was adorned with the Caryatids and stood in the very same place which received the worship of Athena, the protectress of the city. This is where the Athenians uninterruptedly ascertainedtheir identity.

Click the image to watch:


Curiosity – Why is it not possible to find straight lines in Parthenon?

In this article, learn how the architect Ictinos found the visual harmony of this fantastic temple. Through an extraordinary mathematical mastery and the art of building. The concern for detail and mathematical calculations has perhaps never been taken as seriously as in the Parthenon.

Acropolis Museum Digital – Scenes from a Wedding

The human figures decorating the loutrophoroi in the Acropolis Museum come into life and turn into the colourfulcharacters that star in a movie on the wedding ritual in Ancient Athens.

The film follows a couple step by step, from the moment that the wedding is arranged until the time that the newly-weds dedicate their loutrophoroi-the vessels used to carry water for their nuptial bath- at the sanctuary of the Nymph, the protectress of the wedding, on the southern slope of the Acropolis.

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These are just some of the many activities of the Acropolis Digital Museum. You can explore much more on the new website.

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