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The art history online courses should provide the proper knowledge and analysis tools to understand works of art.

Art history is a multidisciplinary approach and requires specific analysis processes.


In the art history online courses, learn about the most outstanding movements, styles and artists.

Acquire the proper knowledge and analysis tools to understand works of art in their historical and technical context.

In the art history online courses you will:

  • know artistic movements and styles.
  • artists and works that marked our history.
  • the moments of continuity and artistic rupture.
  • the historical framework of artistic movements.
  • the methods of analysis and interpretation of works of art.
  • the various levels of art analysis.

Who takes the art history online courses


Students of art history, history, architecture, museology, etc., find these online courses an important study tool and support for their research.

In addition to the lessons on the topics of the online courses with certificate, several suggestions are made for deepening the topics and complementary materials for future consultation.


Online art history courses are an important support for organizing classes and activities related to art history.

In addition to the basic contents of the online courses , methods of analysis and communication on art and art history are presented, which will be a strong support in the development of subjects in the classroom.

Tour guides and cultural mediators

Online courses related to art history will allow a better development of the communication process with different audiences.

In addition to the acquired knowledge, participants will learn to analyze works of art and monuments and to identify their characteristics.

Accessing online art history courses from any device also allows access to information anytime and anywhere. Our online courses are, therefore, an important working tool, always available, for professionals who deal with different audiences.


Each online art history course has an international certificate as is a training entity certified by DGERT (European Union system).


The art history online courses are always open and start immediately.

Access to courses can be performed 24 hours a day on any device.

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