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The online art history courses give the appropriate knowledge and analysis tools to understand the works of art.

Art history is a multidisciplinary approach and requires specific analysis processes.

In the online art history courses get to know the movements, styles and  more remarkable artists

Acquire the knowledge and analysis tools needed to understand the works of art in their historical and technical context.

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In the online art history courses you will know:

  • artistic movements and styles.
  • artists and works that have marked our history.
  • the moments of continuity and artistic rupture.
  • the historical framework of artistic movements.
  • the methods of analysis and interpretation of works of art.
  • the various levels of art analysis.

The online art history courses are designed for professionals who are involved in activities related to History and History of Art, Museology, Conservation and Restoration, Tourism professionals and anyone interested in the subject.

The courses are also an important resource for students and teachers.

Each online art history course is internationally certified since is a training entity certified by DGERT (European Union system).

The online courses in the area of art history have registrations always open and immediate start.

Access to courses can be done 24 hours a day on any device.

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