Post Impressionism – How a group of “misfits” changed the rules of Contemporary Painting


Get to know some artists and works of Post Impressionism

Post Impressionism consists of a set of stylistic variations. With the common goal of overcoming the traditional concept of art and expressing the artist’s vision.

In this post, with text and video by Yolanda Silva, author of the course Analyzing Art, meet some of the artists and works that integrate this artistic group.

Includes a video.

How a group of “misfits” changed the rules of Contemporary Painting.

Post Impressionism involves a wide range of different artistic styles. The common denominator is the motivation to create a new response to the Impressionist movement.

A new expression in the Art that allows the artist to show his vision of the world and life – this vision is more and more “His”.

The resulting stylistic variations were combined under a single designation. Post Impressionism that embraced various forms of artistic expression.

However, they all focused on the artist’s subjective view.

It should be noted that this movement emerged precisely in the wake of an era in which the traditional concept of beaux-arts was transcended by the need to express what was happening in the artist’s deepest interior.

Art was now a window to the soul and thought of the artist.

In this video you will know a sequence of some works and artists of this movement.

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