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The Vatican Archives is developing a digitizing project of documents and manuscripts.

Verba volant, scripta manent, digita sunt

This is the motto of the project that aims at two main principles: preserving the information contained in the documents and its dissemination through the availability in an online platform.

The project began in 2010. It aims to digitize the collection of manuscripts of the Vatican Library. There are about 80,000 codices mainly from the Middle Ages and the humanistic period.

It is already possible to consult a large number of scanned manuscripts online, with high resolution images. The search pages can be consulted in English, Italian and Japanese.

Enter the collection search page of DIGIVATLIB 

archivos del vaticano im 1










Entering “Online Cathalogues” you can select the type of document and from there to do the search. By keywords, reference, author, title or incipit.

In the case of the image below we searched by manuscripts

biblioteca do vaticano im 3





Note: “incipit” – the first few words of

a text.



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