Do you want to know the best way to preserve old photos ?

Do you want to know the best way to preserve old photos ?

Get to know this and so much more through our course Preventive Conservation of Photography.

Online course with certificate.

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E-LEARNING (with tutor). Start Date – immediately after confirmation of payment.

You will access your online course through an elearning platform to which you have daily access, 24 hours a day.  

Learning Objectives

◌ Recognise and distinguish the concepts of preservation, conservation and restoration.

◌ Identify and recognise the structure of a photograph (within its different types).

◌ Identify and recognise the most commonly found types of photographs.

◌ Recognise the main factors of common deterioration of photography.

◌ Apply a program destined to control environment and pest infestations.

◌ Recognise the practice of handling procedures and identify the more suitable storage systems for each type of photograph.

◌ Develop and maintain a preservation program for the photographic collection, suited to the types of photographs to which it is destined.

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the best way to preserve old photos

Course Program

1. Preservation/Conservation/Restoration

2. Photography: concept, structure and most common typologies

3. Common deterioration factors (internal and external)

4. Environment and pest control

5. Best practices: Handling and Packaging systems

6. The Preservation Program


To learn the best way to preserve old photos you will also find.

Glossary of Most Known Photographic Processes.

Glossary – Common Deterioration in Photographic Materials.

Building basic packages: 4 flap envelopes – tutorial video.

How to Remove Photos from a Sticky Album – tutorial video.

More tutorial videos: The Daguerreotype, Portable Studio, Stereoscopic Photography, Stereoscopic Objective Lens.

Guides, inventory forms and much more


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