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Ernst Kirchner | Artistin – Marcella (1910)

Ernst Kirchner was one of the founders of the group of Expressionist artists Die Brücke (Bridge) together with Erich Heckel, Otto Müller, Max Pechstein e Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.

The Bridge was a movement in which the personage emphasized in relation to the scene,. The thematic  is centered around the social life (mainly incident in the bourgeois life), We can find mostly portraits and self portraits.

Artistin – Marcella



Artistin – Marcella by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was made in 1910 and is currently in the Brücke Museum, Berlin (Germany)

The set obeys an upward diagonal from the lower left corner to the upper right. The rhythm of the composition is essentially marked by soft, predominantly green color fields, bounded by marked contours.

The point of view from which he created the set was not an occasional one. The painter looked for an unusual perspective that transports the observer to a position superior to the model (positioned almost obliquely), simulating proximity, but at the same time giving an impression of distance.

Author: Yolanda Silva

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