Exhibition and appreciation of art and heritage

Exposição e valorização da arte

Certified training institution DGERT nº 1800/2015.

The valorization of art and cultural heritage is based on methods of communicating about them in a appropriate way for our objectives and audiences

In the online courses with certificate on Exhibiting and Appreciation of Art and Heritage learn how to turn art and cultural heritage into an economic, social, touristic and educational resource.

The online courses on Exhibiting and Appreciation of Art and Heritage consist of a basic structure of lessons with text, images, explanatory diagrams and presentations and can be supplemented with other resources that are important for learning and developing the themes:

  • Worksheets
  • Explanatory videos
  • Supporting texts and downloadable E-books
  • Indication of external resources (web and bibliography) for further study of the topics

Exhibition and appreciation of art and heritage – what you will learn

Art Curating – Exhibition

Communication with the public is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in the appreciation of art and heritage. And the exhibition is the form of communication par excellence.

In the online course Art curation – exhibition you will acquire the knowledge, methods and working tools necessary to create exhibitions in a museological, educational, social or promotional context.

You will learn: Exhibition and appreciation of art and heritage

  • what is an exhibition;
  • the role and tasks of the art curator and the art curatorial team;
  • planning and programming an art exhibition;
  • setting up an exhibition and evaluating it;
  • establish the appropriate means in order to communicate with the audience;
  • understand exhibitions in the digital age.

The Art Market

What is the art market and how does it work? How to establish the value of a work of art? How has it progressed and what are the new trends in the art market ?

Art is part of human history and has been part of it for thousands of years.

Its place, however, has changed along the way, going from the primary condition of ritual to that of a commercial product.

You will learn: appreciation of art and heritage - art market

  • Reflection on the economics of art, based on an analysis of the value of works of art.
  • Understanding the distinctions between the aesthetic and monetary value of works of art.
  • Analysis of the dynamics of the art market, considering some specific points in Art History.
  • Analysis of the primary and secondary art markets.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the contemporary art market and its opportunities.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the digital art market.

Art Consulting

By addressing topics related to the appreciation of art and cultural heritage, Citaliarestauro.com also seeks to make people aware of new functions and perspectives that can be opened up from a professional point of view.

The role of Art Consulting as a cultural professional capable of providing advice that is likely to be beneficial to artists, collectors and themselves is not yet widely publicized, but it will undoubtedly be of great importance both in the traditional market and in the digital world.

You will learn: appreciation of art - art consulting

  • What are collections and how does the relationship between creators, dealers, gallerists and auction houses and the art market consultant work?
  • Know what the profession of art consultant is and what tasks it involves.
  • Know the codes of ethics and the profile of the consultant.
  • Learn how to classify and catalog a collection.
  • Learn the basics of becoming an art consultant.
  • Learn how to advise and organize events.
  • Various documents and downloaded links will be available for future professional use.

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