What you’ll find in an history of architecture course


What is an history of architecture course by Citaliarestauro.com and how does it work.

Architecture today determines our daily lives, our state of mind, our feelings, and our way of looking at the world. It tends to a rather austere and functional rationalism. A volume enclosed by a transparent coating that still has not failed to seduce. It continues to be an integral element of the landscape and the city, on a human scale. Helping Man in his daily life, making him more comfortable and respecting his history.

In an history of architecture course you will find

Following a chronological order, the courses will begin with the historical, artistic and cultural explanation of the base style of construction, followed by the analysis of the monument, its history and architect. This way the participant will be provided with the necessary contents to understand the building as well as its architectural surroundings.

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

How does it work

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The history of architecture course is successfully concluded if the participant has a grade score of 50% or more (from 0% to 100%). In this case, a Learning Certificate is attributed.

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The architecture today

Since the twentieth century it tends to be protective of the environment and responds to ecological problems. With measures of thermal insulation and solar orientation, reducing costs of heating, and with the use of totally recyclable materials. However, these innovations still represent very high costs.

The future

It is difficult for us to know what future trends will be! No one knows what his path will be, but we can guess that it will transform and evolve as Man manifests on Earth. Regardless of the path that awaits you, you will continue to be inspired by nature, as bird flight has influenced aviation, and respond to and follow our recent needs, as you have been doing with new materials and shapes that seduce us.

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