online certificate courses | what are they?


The online certificate courses are courses at the end of which the participant receives a certificate.

Any certificate?

DGERT entidade certificadaIn order for the certificate to be valid, it is necessary for the training entity that conducts the courses to be certified by an official entity.

Only in this way can be guaranteed the recognition of online certificate courses.

Typically certifications of training entities have an associated identification code and their certification can be verified.

In which areas are online certificate courses ?

Our courses cover a wide range of topics related to art, history, art history, conservation and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Always with varied and dynamic teaching resources and systematic updating.

By the way, did you know that your access to our courses is unlimited? You can always consult your course and access our updates.

The courses are organized by areas for for simpler search:

Some examples

What is a certified training institution / provider?

We are a training organization certified by DGERT (Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security) – being our training provider certificate number 1800/2015. This means that:

 our training certificates are valid for all legal purposes and skills qualification

 our certificates are valid internationally as they are complying with the certification rules of the European Union

 strict rules and principles in educational and organizational terms are respected.

 all regulations under legal and fiscal point of view are respected, as well as those concerning the payments.

In the online certificate courses is an extra payment requested by the certificate?


In the online courses with certificate the process of evaluation and the issuance of the certificate are part of the pedagogical process.

No additional value will be required for the issuance and making available of the certificate by digital means.

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