online courses with certificate – art history and heritage conservation


We present our online courses with certificate in art history and heritage conservation.

But, any certificate?

No, a certificate with international validity, complying with the certification rules of the European Union.

DGERT entidade certificada

The certificate is issued by a training entity certified by DGERT (Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security – Portugal) – Training entity certificate nº 1800/2015, complying with the certification rules of the European Union.

online courses with certificate

This means that:

  • our certificates are valid for all legal purposes and skills qualification
  • our certificates are valid internationally as they are complying with the certification rules of the European Union
  • strict rules and principles in educational and organizational terms are respected.
  • all regulations under legal and fiscal point of view are respected, as well as those concerning the payments.
  • that courses are followed by quality management processes and are subject of continuous assessment.

Online courses with certificate in art history

In the online courses with certificate in this area you will:

  • know artistic movements and styles.
  • artists and works that have marked our history.
  • the moments of continuity and artistic rupture.
  • the historical framing of artistic movements.
  • the methods of analysis and interpretation of works of art.
  • the various levels of art analysis.

These courses are aimed at professionals who are dedicated to activities related to the History and History of Art, Museology, Conservation and Restoration, tourism professionals and anyone interested in the subject. It is also an important element of support for students and teachers.

The online art history courses are always open and starting immediately.
Access to courses can be done 24 hours a day on any device.

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Online courses with certificated in heritage conservation

Online heritage conservation courses systematize intervention methods and procedures.

They cover the areas of preventive conservation, curative conservation and restoration.

They are exemplified with case studies and good practices for the preservation of works.


In the certified online courses in this area you will:

  • know the concepts of conservation and restoration.
  • know the ethical and deontological principles.
  • know the international charters and conventions.
  • learn the most appropriate intervention methods and techniques.
  • analyze practical cases and interventions performed.
  • know the tools and products to be used in each case.
  • understand how to adapt the interventions to the various materials present.

Our courses are organized by types of works and materials. Thus, you can have a targeted learning for each case that can be complemented.

Online courses in the area of ​​heritage conservationare always open to registration and start immediately.
Access to courses can be done 24 hours a day on any device.

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online courses with certificate – study and research tools

Much more than online courses, you will buy study and research tools. Our online courses include:

  • lessons
  • glossaries
  • instructions
  • tutorials
  • downloadable texts
  • explanatory videos

With free access 24/7 and for unlimited time

The art history and heritage conservation courses are systematically reviewed.

Citaliarestauro,com has a satisfaction evaluation system that measures the satisfaction of the participants in several parameters.

Our courses are systematically monitored and the opinion of the participants is of great importance to us.

Check 2 examples

Preservation of books and documents

English Preservation of books and documents

Analysing Art

The suggestions made by the participants are carefully analyzed and lead to systematic improvement actions.

Do you have any suggestions, questions or doubts about the online courses wiyh certificate?

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