Why take online courses in art history ? Find 4 good reasons


Why take online courses in art history ?

Is it the same as buying a book? Or an Ebook?

Clearly online courses in art history are not the same thing.


1 – Access and mobility

You have unlimited access to all content 24 hours a day.

And anywhere because our courses are optimized for mobile devices.

Prefer to study offline? No problem. Courses include handouts and downloadable PDF Ebooks

Monitoring and share

Questions, opinions or sharing of information and experience is possible and welcome.

You can ask the tutor questions but also share ideas and experiences with colleagues from all over the world.

3 – Certificate

DGERT entidade certificada

Certified training institution nº 1800/2015

At the end of the course a training certificate will be issued.

We are certified training entity so the certificate has international validity.

The Certificate is available in yor student area. On it the training institute will be identified, as well as the logotype that attests to its Certification.  Each certificate has an alphanumeric code registered to our services. Learn more about certificates.



You can consult the certification data on the official website of DGERT

4 – Differentiated and dynamic features

In online courses in art history at Citaliarestauro.com the teaching resources are very varied.

You will find:

Lessons with text, images and explanatory schemes.

Tutorial and explanatory videos of the topics under analysis.

Explanatory and illustrated glossaries.

Practical examples of applying methods of art analysis.

In online courses in art history get to know

  • artistic movements and styles.
  • artists and works that have marked our history.
  • the moments of continuity and artistic rupture.
  • the historical framework of artistic movements.
  • the methods of analysis and interpretation of works of art.
  • the various levels of art analysis.

Who takes online courses in art history

These courses are designed for professionals who are involved in activities related to History and History of Art, Museology, Conservation and Restoration, Tourism professionals and anyone interested in the subject.

It is also an important element of support for students and teachers.

online courses in art history

From a global and diverse perspective, know the History of Art in Europe, Africa, Brazil…

From the first artistic manifestations of humanity to contemporary art.

Know the courses