The weirdest Museums – discover 7 bizarre collections in the world


How about a hair museum? Or an instant noodle museum?

Yes, they exist! Discover some of the weirdest museums in the world and the strange collections they contain.

Post by Rute Ferreira, author of the online course Art Curating - Exhibition.


When you think about a museum, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A classic art museum with thousands of works of art by the great masters of painting and sculpture?

Museums, however, are places of sharing and experience, and on top of all that, they can be a lot of fun.

An art museum can be fun, of course, but in today’s text I want to go a little further and introduce you to some of the world’s weirdest museums and their strange collections.

Let’s go to the list of the weirdest museums

Weirdest Museums 1 – The French Fries Museum, Belgium

I love French fries, and I bet many of our readers do too. But the people of Bruges, Belgium, love them so much that they decided to create a French fry museum!

According to the museum’s website, Belgian fries are as characteristic of the country as the chocolate for which they are famous, so a fries museum is certainly very appropriate.

Weirdest Museums 1 - The French Fries Museum, Belgium

Weirdest Museums 2 – Cup Noodles Museum, Japan

Another food museum that deserves a mention here is the Cup Noodles Museum, dedicated to instant noodles and the Cup Noodles brand, as well as being dedicated to the memory of Momofuku Ando, creator and president of Nissin.

Fun and interactive, the museum combines exhibits with workshops for visitors, and has a collection of modern art.

Weirdest Museums 2 - Cup Noodles Museum, Japan

Weirdest Museums 3 – Museums of Sex

The Museum of Sex in the United States may sound exciting, but its function is more scientific.

It is a space that seeks not only to narrate human sexuality and its constant changes, but also to preserve and present the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.

Museums dedicated to aspects of our sexuality are more common than one might think, and in Brazil there is also a sex museum, in the city of Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul.

The well-known Amsterdam Museum is another example.

In Portugal the Musex – Pedagogical Sex Museum. It is the first museum about sexuality aimed at children, youth and adults, the mission of MUSEX is to provide knowledge and reflection on this topic based on a pedagogical perspective and through artistic expressions and scientific content.

Weirdest Museums - Museum of Sex Amesterdam

Weirdest Museums 4 – The Hair Museum, Turkey

OK, this is one of the museums that I find very disturbing. Imagine walking into a room where the exhibit is of human hair, of more than 16,000 women?

But the story behind the creation of the Avanos Hair Museum is actually quite romantic.

It begins with a French girl traveling to Cappadocia in the 1980s who meets Galip Belukçü, owner of a ceramics workshop, and the two are romantically involved.

When the day comes to go home, the girl cuts off a piece of her hair and leaves it as a souvenir for Galip on the wall of his workshop.

Upon hearing the story, other women visiting the workshop do the same, and with this strange collection, the place becomes a museum.

Weirdest Museums 4 - The Hair Museum, Turkey

Don’t miss the next 3 Weirdest Museums – in the next one you might be able to participate…

Weirdest Museums 5 – Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

Still on a romantic note, this museum is dedicated to the memory of broken relationships.

The museum was the brainchild of a filmmaker and a sculptor, who, upon ending a four-year relationship, decided to musealize the objects that accompanied them as a couple.

The museum’s exhibits today include objects donated by various people, and each one contains a brief description of its origin. So, how many objects could you donate?

But bizarre museums are also now virtual. You can participate through the site with photos of objects related to broken relationships.

Weirdest Museums 5 - Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

Weirdest Museums 6 – Bata Shoe Museum, Canada

The Bata Shoe Museum is a place entirely dedicated to shoes.

It tells the story of shoes through time, with exhibits and publications. It is more than four thousand years of stories told through shoes!

Museus Bizarros - Museu dos sapatos


Weirdest Museums 7 – Museum of the Toilets, India

The last museum on this list is the Toilet Museum in India, dedicated to bathrooms and toilets.

It was established in 1992 by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, a social activist, founder of the Sulabh Movement for Sanitation and Social Reform.

It is undoubtedly among the bizarre museums of the world but its purpose is eminently social.

The purpose in establishing this museum was to highlight the need to address the problems of the sanitation sector in the country.

Museus bizarros - Museu dos toilets

Are they really bizarre museums?

These are just some of the strangest museums in the world, and the list is actually quite long.

Preserving the memory of mankind is one of the roles of museums, and this includes things that are not always very conventional to be on display.

And that’s also what a museum is, after all: an unusual space that constantly renews and reinvents itself.

Far beyond the exhibits, museums can reflect the interests of a community, the demystification of taboos, social and public health needs, and stories of love and unlove.

In any case, it all starts with an idea and a project.

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