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History of art online courses

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In the History of art online courses learn about the history of art in different historical and cultural contexts and in various forms of artistic expression.

The History of Art online courses consist of a basic structure of lessons with text, images, explanatory diagrams and presentations and can be complemented with other important learning resources to help you understand art in different contexts and expressions:

  • Glossaries
  • Explanatory videos
  • Supporting texts and downloadable E-books
  • Indication of external resources (web and bibliography) for further study of the topics

History of art online courses – what you will learn

African Art

In this history of art online course learn about the history of African art from rock art to modern times. Interrelate the history of art in Africa with African cultures and their origins and historical contexts.

Find out how the history of African art influenced the great modern art movements such as Cubism and Fauvism.

You will learn:

  • Get to know the manifestations of rock art and their importance for the history of humanity itself.
  • Learn about the great African civilizations, their artistic manifestations and their processes of cultural interaction.
  • Learn about the major changes generated by Christianity and Islam in Africa and their artistic manifestations.
  • Understand the impact of the European empires in the modern era on Africa and the influence of African art on European artistic movements.

Art History for Kids

In this online course, learn how to teach art history to children through simple and appealing explanations.

You’ll find 28 suggestions for activities and educational resources that you can develop at school, in the museum, at the education center and, of course, with your family!

history of art online courses art history for kids

Explore the great moments and artists that mark the history of art from Prehistory to Modern Art.

Using the creativity and imagination of little artists.

The art history activities for children proposed can be adapted to different age groups and encourage children to “learn by doing”.

You will learn:

  • In 10 modules covering key moments / artists / concepts in the history of art.
    Each one contains:
    • a lesson with a simple, fun explanation and lots of images.
    • suggestions for activities, educational resources and downloadable Pdf support materials.
    • a tab dedicated to educators for in-depth study of the themes.

History of art online courses – Curiosities and unusual facts about art history

Learn about the history of art, the most important artists and their masterpieces from art curiosities and unusual facts of history.

history of art online courses - curiosities about art history

From these history of art online courses is built a path that leads the participant to know the history of art in some of its most striking aspects.

From the Ancient Age to the Contemporary Age.

You will learn:

  • the history of art from the Ancient Age to the contemporary age, starting from aspects that are usually unknown.
  • research and study ideas for those interested in topics related to the history of art.
  • ideas for teachers, cultural tourism technicians, cultural agents or other professionals on ways of teaching / communicating through curiosity.
  • to provide a dynamic and appealing learning experience for anyone interested in art history.
There are 2 history of art online courses available covering 62 curiosities and unusual facts.

These 2 history of art online courses are also available in a bundle that saves you 30%

Gothic architecture

The History of Art online courses also explore the great architectural monuments.

In this online course about Gothic architecture we will explore of the most widely-recognized art movements and architectural styles in the world

You will learn:

  • Gothic architecture and its context
  • the style’s key features and components, how they developed, and how they work to keep buildings standing.
  • how the architecture fit into medieval religion and culture, and we’ll identify the Gothic church’s many meanings.
  • how Gothic spread from France and England to the rest of Europe, how Gothic was revived in the 19th century, and what has happened to Gothic buildings since they were created.

Treasures of architecture: from Ancient Egypt to Byzantium

In the Guides to Architectural Treasures courses, you’ll learn in detail about the great monuments that have marked the history of architecture.

Unforgettable cultural visits to the great monuments of antiquity:

  • Pyramid of Giza,
  • Temple of Amon,
  • Parthenon,
  • Colosseum,
  • Hagia Sophia

You will learn:

  • In chronological order, the course begins with a historical, artistic and cultural explanation of the basic building style.
  • This is followed by a detailed analysis of the monument, its history and architect.

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