online courses for art students

The online courses for art students are addressed to students and professionals of the world of the arts, critics, historians and art historians, conservationists and restorers and all those interested in exploring the topics.


Free (online 24/24 hours). All contents are constantly available.


The course is successfully concluded if the participant has a grade score of 50% or more (from 0% to 100%). In this case, a Learning Certificate is attributed.

We are a certified training organization. Our certificates are valid internationally as they are complying
with the certification rules of the European Union

Learn more about certificates

The online courses for art students are an important element of support for students and teachers.

In the courses for art students you will

Learn how to read, analyze and interpret an artistic work in its formal and symbolic aspects.

What specificities to take into account in works of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Learn how to apply methods of iconographic and symbolic analysis to artistic works.

Know artistic manifestations over time and in various spaces and cultural contexts.

Know the most important artists and art movements.

Certificate certified training institution

The courses for art students are evaluated, assessment which is carried out on the platform itself. The courses also allow for a Certificate, in which is stated the achievement, the course program, its duration and the identification of the certified training provider.

What is a certified training institution / provider?

We are a training organization certified by DGERT (Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security) – being our training provider certificate number 1800/2015. This means that:

 our training certificates are valid for all legal purposes and skills qualification

 our certificates are valid internationally as they are complying with the certification rules of the European Union

 strict rules and principles in educational and organizational terms are respected.

 all regulations under legal and fiscal point of view are respected, as well as those concerning the payments.


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