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The online courses for art students are addressed to students and professionals of the world of the arts, critics, historians and art historians, conservationists and restorers and all those interested in exploring the topics.

In the online courses for art students you will learn to interpret works of art and communicate about art.

online courses for art students – more than courses: powerful tools for art analysis

Art is one of the oldest manifestations of human creativity.

And it is also a form of communication par excellence throughout history.

The artist is the creator in this process, but this only becomes effective through communication with the audience.

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1881 painting by Marie Bashkirtseff, In the Studio, depicts an art school life drawing session


In our online courses for art students you will learn to understand and manage this process that goes from the creation of the work to its fruition by the public. Through the interpretation of works of art, their exhibition and explanation.

In online courses in this area you will:

  • know artistic movements and styles.
  • artists and works that have marked our history.
  • the moments of continuity and artistic rupture.
  • the historical framing of artistic movements.
  • the methods of analysis and interpretation of works of art.
  • the various levels of art analysis.

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  • Practical analysis with application of the presented methods.
And much more … Because we know that you may want to deepen some of the topics covered, we always give clues for research.

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